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publicado em 06 Jan 2018 / em Musicas

Compatible Nespresso coffee pods are great for making that first coffee of the day. But, is this all there is to this wonderful invention? The answer is no, not at all. <br /> <br />Your coffee machine can also make other drinks. All you must do is source different pods and there you have it, a Nespresso hot chocolate or a vanilla infused coffee. Many recipes require coffee, and your coffee machine can provide it in just the right quantities and strengths. One such recipe is tiramisu. To get the rich flavours of this classic dessert, you need to soak either sponge or panettone slices in expresso, caster sugar and amaretto. <br /> <br />There are savoury dishes that require coffee to bring out the fullness of the different tastes. Something as simple as adding coffee from Nespresso compatible capsules to baked beans brings a whole new world for your senses to enjoy. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use podista coffee pods as part of the glaze mix for a ham. <br /> <br />If you’re thinking about branching out in your use of compatible Nespresso coffee pods, start simple, and avoid making the coffee too strong. You want to enhance the other flavours, not drown them out. <br /> <br />Click Here:

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