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3 visualizações
publicado em 06 Jan 2018 / em Musicas

View on : /><br /> Nespresso compatible Coffee Capsules 049Nespresso compatible Pod Intense Bundle f0326612<br /><br />Product Description : <br />This Gourmesso bundle of coffee capsules includes 2 packages of Messico Blend Forte with an intensity of 9 2 packages of Etiopia Blend Forte with an intensity of 10 and 2 packages of Ristretto Blend Forte with an intensity of 10<br />049 per coffee capsule - 10 capsules per pack<br />Coffee capsules only compatible with Nespresso machines<br />High quality espresso with great crema in convenient Nespresso compatible pods<br />Gourmessos coffee capsules are available in 20 different varieties and intensities

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