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2 visualizações
publicado em 06 Jan 2018 / em Musicas

View on : /><br /> Coffee Guru Italian Roasted Passionale Espresso Capsules and Pods 100 Compatible 51ab117a<br /><br />Product Description : <br />Espresso coffee Made in Italy Traditional Italian roasted Mild 100 Arabic<br />Creamy Full Bodied Floral Scent Intense flavour on the scale of 1-5 the Intensity is a Level 4<br />Our 40 years experience guarantees you will be getting an excellent product that is completely 100 compatible with Nespresso machines 100 Money Back Guarantee<br />The origins reported in this mixture and the type of roasting have been specially created by our master roasters in order to emphasize their dominant characteristics<br />Discover how easy it is to fall in love with our blends

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